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How can a Cashpass Business Expense card help you?

  • Employers can determine how much to allow for travel, per diem expenses, supplies and fuel.
  • Authorize spend and budget projects.
  • Employees do not have to use a corpo­rate credit card, no credit check on our cards.
  • Employees can gain access to funds immediately.
  • Send funds to employee cards directly from your corporate account.
  • Easily budget and allocate funds to employees.
  • Set spending categories (e.g. fuel only) – specify where employees are allowed to spend.
  • Say goodbye to outdated employ­ee reimbursement.
  • Manage employee expenses from one dashboard.
  • Spend reporting for cardholder.
How It Works:
Benefits of Cashpass Expense Cards

What you can save:

  • Manage your risk and reduce costs
  • Save over 12 hours of time managing employee expenses
  • Decrease Fraud
  • No more issuing credit cards and acessing company credit
  • Specify where employees can spend

Who Uses Expense Cards:

  • Small organizations
  • Consultants & temporary projects
  • Construction
  • Large Organizations
  • Temporary Workforce industries
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